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We are MOQM, the new dental practice in one of the prettiest spots of Amsterdam. From our chairs you overlook the Museumsquare. We are a practice that does things just a little differently. With us, you’re not just a mouth, you are a person. Naturally, you get the best possible care. Our piece of Amsterdam is “gezellig” and you are welcome.

It’s spelt MOQM, but you say Mokum. This is an old slang name for Amsterdam. It’s a wink to the city we love. The city’s motto (Valiant, Steadfast, Compassionate) resonates in the way we work.

Healthy smile,

Healthy people


We promise good medical care. That is the least you may expect. However, we believe that good care is more than just a medical procedure. That is why, every day, we work to improve our knowledge, skills and how we work together as a team. We take our time for your treatment and for you. And we work with the most up-to-date treatment methods and equipment.

Good oral care is no one-way street. It is achieved together. We do our best for you and we ask you to do your best for you as well.


Lieneke bakker

– Dentist –

persevering | professional | compassionate

Specialized in true-to-life fillings, transparent braces and extensive
Daarnaast ook behandeling van aangeboren afwijkingen, trauma- en oncologische rehabilitatie en gebitsvoorzieningen, zoals (gedeeltelijk) kunstgebit. (Gediplomeerd Maxillofaciale Prothetiek; tevens werkzaam in SBT/VUmc)

BIG registratie: 29921127102

Ka Yan Hu

– Oral Hygienist –

precise | concerned | caring

Oral health coach specialized with very effective- and patient-friendly dental cleaning. For an extra bright effect she uses the AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master, an innovative solution for a comfortable and pain-free treatment.

Ikram Kaouass

–  Dental Assistant

studious  | ambitious | diligent

“I assist the dentist and I make sure with the team that the treatment goes well.” Next to dentistry Ikram works in the hospital as department assistant. Next year she hopes to start her study dentistry after a long and admirable journey. Ikram loves to work out and goes to the gym twice a week.


Sahra Alipour

– Dental Assistant –

studious | social | structured

Almost graduated from my study to become an oral hygienist. Working as a dental assistant to Lieneke. Here I can broaden my knowledge before I start working as an oral hygienist myself. Personally, I think communication between the patient and the team is important. I think it is important that every patient goes home with a pleasant experience.


Jim Hu

– Student Dentistry Master 3 –

perfectionist | compassionate | knowledgeable

Jim will be an intern at MOQM for the last 6 months of his study dentistry, where he will be performing dental procedures. Prior he did a 2-month internship at the department of oral surgery and esthetic dentistry the academic hospital of Bordeaux. Next to his dental studies, Jim has a propaedeutic year of French languages and literature from the University of Amsterdam.


THILO de Fouw

– Practice Manager –

connecting | resourceful | enthusiastic

Responsible for the day to day management, maintaining customer relations and development of the team.
Also active outside of the practice as a communications trainer and teamcoach, and as humanfactor specialist active in implementing Crew Resource Management in Dutch hospitals.

Good care needs good cooperation. So instead of a team of professionals, we aim for a professional team. At MOQM we focus on this every day. We stimulate an approach culture and start each day with a briefing and close the day with a debriefing. That way we strive to have a clear view on what we do right and what can improve. This way we get a little better every day.

Together we are responsible for the whole process.



You’re joining our practice? That’s great! So how does it work? We always start with an extensive intake. Firstly, to get to know each other and secondly, to map out your (oral) health and your wishes. We make photos, x-rays and we can even make a 3D scan. We will ask you to have your previous dentist send us your file, prior to the intake. This way, we can create a comprehensive picture of your situation. If we are a match, we will make an appointment for your first treatment.

If you have Dutch health insurance, most treatments for children under the age of 18 are fully covered by the basic health insurance. Oral care for adults is covered if you have supplementary dental insurance.



Dental care in The Netherlands has standard rates for all treatments. These rates are determined and regulated by the Nationale Zorgautoriteit (NZa). Costs for materials and technique are specified and are passed-on as is.

We take care of sending your bill to your health insurance (dutch only). If the costs are not (fully) covered, we will send you an email with an iDeal payment link. We aim to make this process as easy as possible for you.
Want to know more about the standard rates? You can find all treatment codes and -rates here: https://www.mondzorgkosten.nl/

What to do when in pain. Dental pain is no laughing matter and something you want helped as soon as possible. We reserve time for emergencies every day. If you need help call (020 261 14 09)

If you have an urgent emergency outside of our office hours, call (020 303 4500)

H. Ernst
H. Ernst
Shraddha Girdhar
Shraddha Girdhar
Just changed to this dental surgery recently and the experience has been exceptional compared to my previous dentist. In the space of a week, I had my teeth checked, x-rayed, cleaned and a tooth that has been bothering they added a filling/cap to it and now I have a perfect smile. I really appreciated the time they took to ask me what I wanted for my teeth and gave me options and how quickly they also were able to make it happen. Each step they explained what they were doing and provided great advice on how too looking after my teeth going forward. 100% recommend this place and its also in a great location. I am not usually a fan of going to the dentist but coming here made it easy.
stephanie anonuevo
stephanie anonuevo
Really nice service. Staff is very kind and they give good advice for what you need. I am happy with how my teeth are now after my visit here. Definitely recommend this place especially for expats like me. Plus, the view is amazing 😊
Kristo Jorgenson
Kristo Jorgenson
Great experience. Very nice team! Would recommend 🙂
yvonne pet
yvonne pet
Lovely dentist, fast and professional
Juliette Fey
Juliette Fey
Fijne service, mooie praktijk en goede tandarts! Ik kon dezelfde ochtend nog terecht voor het vastzetten van mijn spalkje!
Hidde Dekker
Hidde Dekker
Onwijs fijne tandarts, je voelt je gelijk thuis!
Brigitte Van Mierle
Brigitte Van Mierle
Lieneke, je bent echt een kanjer met kinderen! Sophie is/was zo bang (9 jaar) en wat een geduld heb jij. Ze is er nog niet, en er staan nog wel wat behandelingen op de planning, maar door jou heeft ze er vertrouwen in. Haar exacte worden waren vanmiddag: “Mama, tandarts Lieneke is wel heel lief en ze kan alles goed uitleggen waardoor ik minder bang ben”…. Ze heeft enorm moeten lachen toen ze een glaasje chocomelk (zonder suiker 😉) naar binnen aan het werken was. Je begrijpt het al, het lag er naast 😂 Tot maandag 😉 Een trotse mama!

These are our services

Coffee Bean

Check-ups and cleaning

Naturally you can come see us for your regular check-up and cleaning. We keep a good eye on the condition of your teeth and give you tips, so that we can keep our interventions to a minimum.



Invisalign braces


You probably haven’t seen them: transparent aligners. Do you want to have your teeth straightened again or are you done with that gap between your teeth? Transparent aligners are going to help you. A no one will notice you wearing them. Well, almost.



Do you need treatment? Then you're in the right place. From filling cavities to placing crowns and bridges and prostheses (including on implants). With our extensive clinical experience, you can come to us for the most extensive and complex treatments.




We love a natural look. So that is what we aim for in our cosmetic treatments. We love to perfect your natural smile. Either with facings, or just that little bit of bleaching. You can also come to see us for white spots on your teeth, or even gum recontouring.

We believe that everybody deserves the confidence of a big smile.


Just like you, we feel responsible for a sustainable future. We are constantly looking to improve. That is why we didn’t have our dental chairs shipped from across the globe. They are handmade in Holland. We have a partnership with Oscar Circulair for recycling our disposables, like mouthguards. And we have made most of our processes paperless. That is why our correspondence will be done mostly through mail or text message.

And you can do something too.

Did you know that patients travelling to and from the dental practice contribute the most to its total footprint? So why not enjoy our beautiful city as you walk or cycle to the practice, as we do. Or hop on one of the many trams that stop in front of our door. (If you have to come by car, there is a QPark right across the road)


We have a drive to reinvent dentistry. With all the new technologies available, we can make this work. To improve patient experience, we invest in state-of-the-art equipment that makes dental procedures fast, fun and more comfortable. Our 3D scanner digitally scans your mouth, making dental impressions a thing of the past. Procedures like aligners, crowns, onlays, bridges, mouthguards, dentures, bleaching trays, you name it, will be more precise and effective. Reducing the carbon footprint by sending your files instead of carriers picking up the impressions and taking them back and forth to the lab. Eliminating the amount of impression materials and waste. Working towards a lean stock approach, just a scanner is enough. Making the planet a better place and having fun in the process.


Contact us on

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van Baerlestraat 80-1, 1071 BB Amsterdam

Contact us on

020 261 1409







Opening Times

Monday: 12:00 – 20:00

Wednesday: 8:30 – 17:00

Thursday: 8:30 – 17:00

Friday: 8:30 – 17:00


We do everything we can to provide you with the best possible care. Should you nonetheless not be happy with our services, we would love to get in touch and hear from you. We can learn from your feedback and improve the way we work.

Please visit the “Tandheelkundig Informatie Punt” (TIP) for independent information, or if you have any other questions. (TIP)

Should you have a complaint that we cannot solve together, we would find that most regrettable. We are affiliated with the KNMT complaints service.

How to reach us


Come on foot or grab your bike. Or use our public transport. Trams 2, 3, 5 and 12 will get you to us from almost every direction. The buses 347, 357 and 397 stop right around the corner.

We thank our unique view of the Museum Square to the fact that we are on the second floor. So please take our two flights of stairs into account, when visiting us. Due to these stairs we unfortunately are not wheelchair accessible.

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